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Wildlife Gardening


Outdoor Water Fountains - Encourage the Wildlife

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There are lots of ways we can help to create a good garden area that looks visually appealing to us and also helps to benefit the wildlife. For many years outdoor water fountains have played an import READ MORE

Gardening For Wildlife

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Chipmunks dart from one spot to the next, occasionally stopping for a cool drink from the goldfish pond. Caterpillars munch copper fennel right down to the ground, without ever encountering a lethal d READ MORE

Wildlife Gardening - National Zoo|FONZ

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Whether you have big backyard, a community or school garden, or just a porch or patio with container plants, making small adjustments to your outdoor space will let you support wildlife. Wildlife g READ MORE
Wildlife Gardening: Wildlife gardening is aimed at creating an environment to attract wildlife to flowers, plants, and trees in your yard. There are many flowers, plants, and trees that can be planted to attract wildlife. Watching wildlife, like birds, squirrels, and rabbits in your yard, is a way to bring a smile to many faces.
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