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Vegetable Seeds and Plants


Artichoke Seeds1
Arugula Seeds1
Asian Greens1
Asparagus Seeds and Roots1
Bean Seeds1
Beet Seeds1
Broccoli Raab Seeds1
Broccoli Seeds1
Brussel Sprout Seeds1
Cabbage Seeds1
Cantaloupe Seeds1
Carrot Seeds1
Cauliflower Seeds1
Celery Seeds1
Chinese Cabbage Seeds1
Collard Seeds1
Corn Salad Seeds1
Corn Seeds1
Cowpea Seeds1
Cucumber Seeds1
Eggplant Seeds and Plants1
Endive Seeds1
Garlic Bulbs1
Gourd Seeds1
Honeydew Seeds1
Horseradish Roots1
Kale Seeds and Plants1
Kohlrabi Seeds1
Leek Seeds1
Lettuce Seeds1
Melon Seeds1
Mesclun Seeds1
Microgreen Seeds1
Mustard Seeds1
Okra Seeds1
Onion Seeds and Sets1
Parsnip Seeds1
Pea Seeds1
Peanut Seeds1
Pepper Seeds and Plants1
Potato Plants1
Pumpkin Seeds1
Radicchio Seeds1
Radish Seeds1
Rhubarb Seeds and Plants1
Rutabaga Seeds1
Salad Greens - Seeds and Plants1
Scallion Seeds1
Shallot Seeds1
Spinach Seeds1
Sprouting Seeds1
Squash Seeds1
Sweet Potato Plants1
Swiss Chard Seeds1
Tomatillo Seeds1
Tomato Seeds and Plants1
Turnip Seeds1
Watermelon Seeds1
Zucchini Seeds1

Vegetable Seed

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Territorial Seed Company PO Box 158 Cottage Grove, OR 97424 Phone Orders: 800-626-0866 Fax Orders: 888-657-3131 Customer Service/Gardening Questions: 541-942-9547 READ MORE

Vegetable Seeds

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Urban Farmer 4105 Indiana 32 West Westfield, IN 46074 Mailing Address: 4105 W State Road 32 Westfield, IN 46074 Phone: 317-600-2807 READ MORE
Vegetable Seeds and Plants
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