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A Guide to Tree Identification

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It is possible to identify many of our native trees by looking at their leaves. Strictly speaking, identification should involve examination of the flowers (petals, sepals, stamens etc), which are les READ MORE

100 Forest Trees of Alabama

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The following information is from the publication "100 Forest Trees of Alabama" written by Dr. Harlan York during the mid-1950s as a contracted employee of the Division of Forestry, Alabama Department READ MORE

Identify Trees by Common Name

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Identify Trees by Common Name You see an unknown tree. Or perhaps have found part of a tree, and you want to know from what kind of tree it came. Often, you can identify an unknown tree by just one READ MORE

Planting A Tree a step-by-step guide Types of Trees

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Balled and Burlapped Container- Grown Bare Root Trees purchased from wholesale and retail nurseries and garden supply stores generally come in one of three forms: Balled and Burlapped The r READ MORE

List of Common Tree Names or List of Latin Botanical Tree Names

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Welcome to Tree Names. You can use our tree lists to identify the common or botanical tree name or type and use tree pictures to help with tree species identification. Our site is put together by land READ MORE

Botany Buddy's Plant Library

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Botany Buddy''s plant library is rapidly growing. Our newest release now includes over 2,000 different species and over 9,500 detailed photos. Each item in the library includes 25 of the most importa READ MORE

Tree Identification Guide at arborday.org

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What Tree Is That?™ Identify trees with our simple step-by-step guide. What Tree Is That? Pocket Field Guide Eastern Tree Identification Eastern and Central United States Begin the Ident READ MORE
Types of Trees: There are many types of trees. Many deciduious trees, native to North America, shed their leaves for part of the year, every year. Coniferous trees are usually evergreen trees, have needle-like leaves and produce cones. There are many other types of trees. There are also a variety of tree diseases.
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