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Types of Ground Covers


Bigleaf Periwinkle Ground Cover1
Buttered Popcorn Ranunculus Ground Cover1
Emerald Blue Phlox Ground Cover1
Evergreen Ground Cover1
Flowering Ground Cover1
Golden Moneywort Ground Cover1
Goldilocks Moneywort Ground Cover1
Japanese Spurge Ground Cover1
Lambs Ears Ground Cover2
Oriental Limelight Ground Cover2
Rose Ground Cover1
Silver Brocade Ground Cover1
Silver Mound Ground Cover1
Variegated Liriope Ground Cover1
Virginia Creeper Ground Cover1

Ground Covers

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Though they get scant attention and often go unnoticed altogether, ground covers are really important and a problem for most of my coachees. Adrian Higgins writes that in his garden, ground covers are READ MORE

Caring for ground covers

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Sunset Customer Service Sunset Publishing Corp. 80 Willow Road Menlo Park, CA 94025 Phone: 650-321-3600 Fax: 650-327-7537 Email: sunset@customersvc.com Simple tips for keeping up these READ MORE

Perennial Ground Covers

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Perennial groundcovers are plants that 1) are reliably perennial, they live from year to year and 2) grow quite quickly to cover the ground. Perennial Ground Covers Come With Warnings T READ MORE

Shade Loving Ground Cover Plants for your Garden

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Utilizing ground covers can help to transform a bare or dull part of your yard into a beautiful, low maintainance show area... The suitability of a plant to use as a ground cover is determined by it' READ MORE

The Most Beautiful Types of Ground Cover

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By Anna Graizbord, The Writers Network Last updated on March 29th, 2011 Ground cover plants are one of the most beautiful alternatives to gravel or rock in areas that grass won’t grow. Not only w READ MORE

Ground cover Plants

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Seedland, Inc. 9895 ADAMS ROAD WELLBORN, FL 32094 Phone: 386-963-2080 Fax: 386-963-2079 The word groundcover is exactly what it sounds like. Anything that covers or touches the ground is a c READ MORE

About Ground Covers

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Ground covers are low growing plants that are used in the landscape. They are commonly used as mass plantings for covering large areas of land. A ground cover would be used in an area that grass is no READ MORE

Why Groundcovers?

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By: Rhonda Fleming Hayes No well-dressed garden should grow without groundcovers. Itís like showing up barefoot to a state dinner! Youíll never find groundcovers in the front display of your loc READ MORE
Types of Ground Covers
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