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Shade Trees


American Beech Trees1
American Elm Trees1
Amur Maple Trees1
Autumn Blaze Red Maple Trees1
Autumn Flame Red Maple Trees1
Autumn Purple Ash Trees1
Bald Cypress Trees1
Bitternut Hickory Trees2
Black Cherry Trees1
Black Gum Trees1
Black Locust Trees1
Black Oak Trees1
Black Walnut Trees1
Black Willow Trees1
Bloodgood London Planetrees1
Box Elder Trees1
Chanticleer Flowering Pear Trees1
Cherokee Sweetgum Trees1
Cherry Bark Oak Trees1
Chestnut Oak Trees1
Chinese Chestnut Trees1
Chinese Elm Trees1
Chinkapin Oak Trees1
Cimarron Ash Trees1
Columnar English Oak Trees1
Dura-Heat River Birch Trees1
Eastern Red Oak Trees1
European Horse Chestnut Trees1
Gobbler Sawtooth Oak Trees1
Green Ash Trees1
Hackberry Trees1
Hardy Pecan Trees1
Heritage River Birch Trees1
Hybrid Willow Trees1
Kentucky Coffee Trees1
Lacebark Elm Trees1
Maidenhair Trees1
Mockernut Hickory Trees1
Northern Catalpa Trees1
Northern Red Oak Trees1
Nuttail Oak Trees1
October Glory Red Maple Trees1
Ohio Buckeye Trees1
Overcup Oak Trees1
Patmore Ash Trees1
Persimmon Trees1
Pignut Hickory Trees1
Pin Oak Trees1
Pond Cypress Trees1
Poplar Hybrid Trees1
Post Oak Trees1
Red Maple Trees1
Red Sunset Maple Trees1
River Birch Trees1
Sassafras Trees1
Sawtooth Oak Trees1
Scarlet Oak Trees1
Shademaster Honey Locust Trees1
Shagbark Hickory Trees1
Shellbark Hickory Trees1
Shumard Oak Trees1
Siberian Elm Trees1
Silver Maple Trees1
Siouxland Cottonless Cottonwood Trees1
Sourgum Trees1
Southern Red Oak Trees1
Sugar Maple Trees1
Sugarberry Trees1
Sunburst Golden Honey Locust Trees1
Swamp Chestnut Trees1
Swamp Oak Trees1
Sweet Gum Trees1
Sweetbay or Swamp Magnolia Trees1
Sycamore Trees1
Texana Nuttail Oak Trees1
Thornless Honeylocust Trees1
Tulip Poplar Trees1
Tupelo Trees1
Water Oak Trees1
Weeping Willow Trees1
White Ash Trees1
White Oak Trees1
White Walnut Trees1
Willow Oak Trees1
Yellow Buckeye Trees1

Selecting Landscape Plants: Shade Trees

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Virginia Cooperative Extension 101 Hutcheson Hall (0402) Virginia Tech Blacksburg, VA 24061 426-610 Diane Relf, Extension Specialist, Horticulture, Virginia Tech and Bonnie Appleton, Extensio READ MORE

G6800 Selecting Landscape Plants: Shade Trees | University of Missouri Extension

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Chris Starbuck Department of Horticulture University of Missouri Extension Trees are the basic element for any landscape plan. They set the stage for the entire home grounds design. The type used READ MORE
Shade Trees
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