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Platform - Tray Bird Feeders


How to Build a Platform Bird Feeder

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You can build a platform bird feeder from cedar wood to feed the wild birds in your yard year-round. These instructions will help you build a platform bird feeder that measures 16 inches long and 12 i READ MORE

Platform Feeders, Table Feeders & Tray Feeders Are My Favourites!

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Platform Feeders 1. General Review Platform, table or tray feeders come in many shapes and sizes. They can be wooden feeders made to meet specific requirements or purchased. There are man READ MORE

Platform/Tray Bird Feeder Plans for Woodworkers

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This set of bird feeder plans are for a medium size platform feeder with a roof covering. It’s rather a hopper platform hybrid with a roof, partial sides and open front for the birds to land on. Any READ MORE

Tray Bird Feeder

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One of the first signs of spring is the sight and song of birds returning from warmer climates where they've wintered. A great way to welcome them back is to hang a tray feeder (a style many types of READ MORE
Platform - Tray Bird Feeders
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