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Pine Tree Diseases


Pine Tree Disease

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By Charlotte Gerber Pine tree diseases can cause devastation when they aren't diagnosed promptly. The proper diagnosis and treatment can mean the difference between a tree that will recover, and one READ MORE

Pine tree disease infecting region

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Posted: June 26, 2010 - 2:05pm ANTHONY S. BUSH/THE CAPITAL-JOURNAL Tim Hrenchir The disease - which quickly causes trees to wilt and die - has primarily afflicted Scots pines but poses a thre READ MORE

Researcher using dogs in battle against pine tree disease

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Published 12:00am Tuesday, July 5, 2011 AUBURN UNIVERSITY – The mystery surrounding a disease that is killing Southern pine trees could possibly be solved by Auburn University detector dogs. Lori READ MORE

Problems of Pine Trees

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Perhaps the major concern when planting pines, in particular large plantings, is pine wilt disease, caused by the pinewood nematode. Austrian, Red, and Scots pine are most susceptible to this problem. READ MORE

Some Common Pine Diseases in North Carolina

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L. F. Grand, Plant Pathology C. S. Hodges, Professor Emeritus R. K. Jones, Professor Emeritus Pine trees are used extensively across North Carolina to landscape homes, businesses and parks, and t READ MORE

Pine Tree Varieties - Pine Tree Diseases - Pine Tree Fertilizer - Pine Tree Prob...

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Pine Tree Varieties, Pine Tree Diseases, Pine Tree Fertilizer, and Pine Tree Problems Pine trees are softwood evergreens that can grow in compact groupings, making them ideal for use as a screen or w READ MORE
Pine Tree Diseases
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