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Pennsylvania Garden Centers and Nurseries


Behringer Greenhouse

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Behringer Greenhouse 7590 Lexington Road Girard, PA 16417 Phone: (814) 774-8546 READ MORE

Scotland Yards Greenhouse & Nursery

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Scotland Yards Greenhouse & Nursery 12555 Ferry Road Edinboro, PA 16412 Phone: (814) 734-6700 READ MORE

North East Agway Farm & Home

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North East Agway Farm & Home 141 South Lake St North East, PA 16428 Phone: (814) 725-4390 READ MORE

Richter William Nursery & Landscaping

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Richter William Nursery & Landscaping 9212 Old Wattsburg Road Erie, PA 16510 Phone: (814) 825-3948 READ MORE

Alta's Perennial Gardens

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Michael Neenan Alta's Perennial Gardens 2495 Dunn Valley Road Waterford, PA 16441 Phone: (814) 796-6367 READ MORE

J.J. Wurst Landscape Contractor & Garden Center, Inc.

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J.J. Wurst Landscape Contractor & Garden Center, Inc. 8334 Edinboro Road Erie, PA 16509 Phone: (814) 476-7410 Fax: (814) 476-1445 READ MORE

Fellows Lawn Garden Equipment

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Fellows Lawn Garden Equipment 427 Walbridge Road Erie, PA 16511 Phone: (814) 899-2041 READ MORE

Holland's Water Gardens

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Holland's Water Gardens 8504 West Lake Road Lake City, PA 16423 Phone: (814) 774-4569 READ MORE

Brothers Garden Center Inc Miller

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Brothers Garden Center Inc Miller 2111 State St Erie, PA 16503 Phone: (814) 454-3283 READ MORE

Johnston's Evergreen Nursery

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Johnston's Evergreen Nursery Wholesale Nursery (Green Industry Businesses Only) 9865 Wales Road Erie, PA 16510 Phone: 814.897.1900 Garden Center (Open To The General Public) 10000 Wales Ro READ MORE

Evergreen Nurseries Fairview

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Evergreen Nurseries Fairview 7401 Water St Fairview, PA 16415 Phone: (814) 474-2457 READ MORE

Gerlach's Garden & Floral Center

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Gerlach's Garden & Floral Center 3161 West 32nd Street Erie, PA 16506 Phone: (814) 838-2363 READ MORE

Riehl Gardens Inc

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Riehl Gardens Inc 2580 West 8th St Erie, PA 16505 Phone: (814) 838-7920 READ MORE

Stan's Garden Center

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Stan's Garden Center 5001 Buffalo Road Erie, PA 16510 Phone:(814) 899-5424 5341 West Lake Road Erie, PA 16505 Phone: (814) 835-6960 READ MORE

Pennsylvania Garden Centers and Nurseries, find Garden Centers and Nurseries in ...

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Gardens.com helps you find any local nursery, garden center or farmers' market, and plan a trip to the must-see botanical gardens, parks, and arboreta around the world. You can shop for gardening book READ MORE
Pennsylvania Garden Centers and Nurseries: Gardening nurseries have a variety of flowers, plants, bushes, trees, hedges, and seeds depending on the area where you live. Gardening nurseries may also offer garden design services and organic products.
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