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Palm Tree Diseases


Deseases that can harm or kill your palm tree

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Dedicated to Palm Tree & Sub-Tropicals Gardeners in cooler climates. Diseases are often difficult to identify and it is common to mistake a nutrient deficiency as a symptom of a disease. Cycads are READ MORE

Palm diseases in north and central Florida

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Chuck Lippi Advanced Tree Care, Inc. 243 Shamrock Rd. St. Augustine, FL 32086 Phone: 904-794-4200 Fax: 904-797-0282 - Ganoderma, the rare but dreaded butt rot of palms - Fusarium, a new dis READ MORE

How to protect palm trees from disease, pests

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By Yvonne Swanson, Special to the Times Published February 16, 2008 Palms around Tampa Bay are under attack by new and lethal diseases, but homeowners can fight back with this five-point survival READ MORE

Diseases of Palm Trees: Some New Some Old

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Jim Downer University of California Cooperative Extension Palm trees are increasing in popularity in Southern California landscapes. New construction and renovation of existing landscapes have in READ MORE

Palm Diseases & Plant Pathology

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A Key to Common Landscape Palm Disorders and Diseases in the Continental United States To use this key effectively, you must : a) know how the palm species looks normally (when it is healthy) b) c READ MORE
Palm Tree Diseases
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