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Oak Tree Wetwood (Slime Flux) Disease


I noticed a woodpecker holes on my live oak trees and white stuff coming out of ...

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The "white stuff" coming out of the woodpecker holes is either sap or fermented sap caused by bacteria within the tree. The latter is called wetwood or slime flux. It is not life-threatening, so do no READ MORE

What Causes Foam to Come Out of an Oak Tree?

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By Mark Bingaman, eHow Contributor | updated August 17, 2011 Diseased oak limbs should be pruned away. The oak tree (Quercus) stands tall as a stately specimen and dominates the landscape of homes READ MORE

Trees/red oak tree

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Expert: Jim Hyland - 7/10/2011 Question I have two recently planted red oak trees (April 2011) in my front yard. There is sap oozing from cracks in the trunk and some of the branches. This sap i READ MORE

Heart of Dixie Gardener: Slime Flux on Oak

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Question: My oak tree is “weeping” awful smelling ooze down the trunk on one side. Insects and bees are constantly hovering around the ooze. What is it and will it harm my tree? Answer: What yo READ MORE
Oak Tree Wetwood (Slime Flux) Disease
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