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Oak Tree Diseases


Key to Diseases of Oaks in the Landscape

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Oak leaves begin to show chlorotic, blister-like areas on the upper surface that can be as large as one half inch in diameter (Fig.1 & Fig.2). The lower surface has gray depressions that correspond to READ MORE

Live Oak Tree Problems and Solutions

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By Dr. Jerry Parsons I am hearing the hysterics of many Texans' at this time of the year: "Help!!! My Live Oak is looking like a Dead Oak. It is has no leaves. It is usually evergreen all year l READ MORE

Common Oak Tree Diseases

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By ignat victor, published at 03/22/2012 Introduction Like any other trees, oak trees are also susceptible to diseases. Oak tree diseases greatly affect the growth of the trees and may even ca READ MORE

Plant Diseases: Oak Tree Disease (NJ), blue green algae, green alga

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Expert: Jim Hyland - 3/30/2009 Question QUESTION: My oak tree has a greenish white looking scale. A limb fell and it had strings of brown rubbery lesions (?) on it. When the sun cme out these stri READ MORE
Oak Tree Diseases
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