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Maple Tree Tar Spot Disease


Tar Spot of Maple Rhytisma acerinum and Rhytisma punctatum

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Tar Spot can be found throughout the natural range of maple trees, but is most common in the eastern part of the United States. Although Tar Spot has a minimal effect on the health of a maple tree its READ MORE

Managing Tar Spot on Maples

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July, 2004 David L. Roberts, Ph.D. Michigan State University Extension Managing Tar Spot on Maple Tar spot on maple, caused by the fungus Tarus Spotius Maximilius (just kidding), has READ MORE

Maple Leaf Tar Spot Disease hits Michigan trees hard.

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Kimberley Willis Detroit Gardening Examiner Trees have been on the minds of many Michigan gardeners this year. It seems like our landscape trees are under assault from all directions. A new prob READ MORE

Tar Spot on Maple

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The following question was sent to the P&PDL diagnosticians here at Purdue University: Question: Almost every summer the leaves on my maple trees have black spots on them that look like tar. What i READ MORE

Tar Spot on Maple Tree

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Question: Something is wrong with my Norway maple. Leaves have been falling off the tree for the past three to four weeks. The leaves still on the tree have very dark, almost black, spots with a yell READ MORE

Tar Spot of Maple

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Tar spot is one of the most readily visible and easiest diseases of maple to diagnose. At the same time, it is one of the least damaging ailments on its host. Tar spot is a little like anthracnose. Th READ MORE

Minor leaf spot diseases of maple: tar spot and leaf blister | Horticulture and ...

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Hey, who splashed tar all over the leaves of my lovely maple tree? At least that's what looks like happened when maples have the aptly named fungus disease "tar spot". It is manifested by shiny bla READ MORE
Maple Tree Tar Spot Disease
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