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Maple Tree Sapstreak Disease


What Are the Different Types of Maple Disease?

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Maple disease can include infection with a variety of fungi, as well as disease caused by poor growing conditions and physical damage to trees. Tree diseases need to be identified and treated early to READ MORE

Japanese Maple Tree Disease

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Carole VanSickle Japanese maple trees come in a wide variety of cultivars that are generally disease-resistant and can grow and flourish in a variety of climates. However, when problems with Japane READ MORE

An Introductory Guide To Asian Maple Tree Diseases

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23.11.2011 | Author: Takamitsu Hairi | Posted in Education Despite the Japanese maples' reputation as difficult and resilient trees, they're prone to some diseases. Japanese maple trees are widely ut READ MORE

Sapstreak disease of sugar maple

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U.S. Department of Agriculture, Forest Service. 1979. A guide to common insects and diseases of forest trees in the northeastern United States. Northeast. Area State and Private Forestry, Forest Insec READ MORE

Sapstreak Disease (Ceratocystis coerulescens (C. virescens))

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Sapstreak disease can be a serious problem in the sugarbush. The causal organism is one of the most common stain fungi of northern hardwood logs and bolts. It can enter and kill wounded trees. The pri READ MORE

How to Control Sapstreak Disease of Sugar Maple

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Sapstreak disease, caused by the fungus Ceratocystis coerulescens, is a serious threat to sugar maple forests. Although the disease is causing only minor damage at present, it has the potential to bec READ MORE
Maple Tree Sapstreak Disease
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