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Is lime fruit and lime blossoms falling off tree normal?

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Lime tree blossoms are lovely and fragrant. A happy lime tree can produce an abundance of flowers, all of which can potentially produce fruit. Lime blossoms falling off tree or lime tree dropping frui READ MORE

Tips For Pruning Lime Tree

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By: Nikki Phipps LimesNothing can be more satisfying than growing lime trees. With proper lime tree care, your lime trees will reward you with healthy, tasty fruits. Part of this care includes prun READ MORE

Reasons And Fixes For Lime Tree Not Producing Blossoms Or Fruit

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When a beautiful lime tree is not producing blossoms and fruit and but still looks healthy, a lime tree owner can feel at a loss as to what to do. It is obvious that the tree is not unhappy and that y READ MORE

Dry Lime Fruit - What Causes Dry Limes

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By: Nikki Phipps LimesWhile the juice quality of citrus fruits, like limes, usually improves throughout the season the longer itís on the tree, there are occasions when those left for too long cont READ MORE

Lime Tree Harvest Time: When To Pick A Lime From A Tree

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By: Nikki Phipps Green LimeMany people wonder when to pick a lime from a tree. Limes stay green and this makes it difficult to tell. Types of Lime Trees Limes are closely related to lemons. The READ MORE
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