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Lilac Bushes


Charles Joly Lilac Bushes1
Common Purple Lilac Bushes2
Common White Lilac Bushes
Dappled Dawn Lilac Bushes1
Dwarf Korean Lilac Bushes2
James Macfarlane Lilac Bushes1
Korean Lilac Bushes3
Miss Canada Lilac Bushes1
Miss Kim Lilac Bushes1
Monge Lilac Bushes1
Persian Lilac Bushes1
Pocahontas Lilac Bushes1
Saugeana Chinese Lilac Bushes1
Sensation Lilac Bushes1
Wedgewood Blue Lilac Bushes1
Wonderblue Lilac Bushes1

Lilac Bushes

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One of the most beautiful types of shrub that one can plant in their garden is a lilac bush. A lilac bush has large clusters of beautifully fragrant blooms that appear from mid spring and remain until READ MORE

How to Grow and Care for Lilac Bushes

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Premier Star Company 94 Northwood Drive Rochester, N.Y. 14612 Aside from Roses, there is no flower as beautiful and aromatic as Lilacs. Of the two, Lilacs have a stronger scent that carries quit READ MORE
Lilac Bushes
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