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Keeping Dogs Out Of The Garden


How do I keep dogs out of my garden?

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Dogs can dig up plants and soil, contaminate gardens with urine and feces, and generally wreck havoc on delicate landscapes, unless trained otherwise. Besides fencing, there are a number of ways to di READ MORE

Keeping Dogs Out of Your Garden

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By Muffy Marracco, The Writers Network Last updated on April 29th, 2011 Keeping dogs out of your garden isn’t easy. But it is important. You worked hard to plant and tend and weed. You don’t wa READ MORE

Dogs in the Garden!

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by Fred Davis, MG, Hill Gardens of Maine Welcome through Fred's Garden Gate! Now this is a subject about which I can personally relate! What could possibly be more disconcerting than to witness a n READ MORE

10 Ways To Keep Your Dog Out Of Your Garden and Plants

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Most dogs love plants, whether indoors or out, some plants may have a special appeal to your dog. Dose your dog enjoy digging up your geraniums or depositing wastes on your watermelons. Or, they may f READ MORE

Dog Lover's Gardening Dilemma

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By: Lori Verni Many gardeners are also avid pet lovers. A common dilemma is keeping gardens and lawns in tip-top shape in spite of the family dog! Land mines are definitely not a virtue when it com READ MORE
Keeping Dogs Out Of The Garden
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