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Invasive Garden Herbs


Mint can be an exotic addition to your herb garden, or an invasive pest!

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Mentha spp. Mint is a spreading perennial it is generally grown for its aromatic leaves but can also be used for ornament. The tiny flowers of the mint plant grow in spikes of pink, white or purple READ MORE

Invasive Herbs to Plant With Caution

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Not all herbs are created equally, especially when they are herbs that will run wild with just the tiniest bit of encouragement. Unfortunately, some of these herbs are among the most popular herbs pla READ MORE

What To Do When An Invasive Herb Takes Over Your Garden

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Tips about how to keep one herb from destroying your entire garden. By Kathleen Halloran August/September 2001 Question: What can you do about herbs that grow too well? Answer: Most beginni READ MORE

Invasion of the Garden Snatchers and Herbs to Watch

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By Karan Davis Cutler, Kathleen Fisher & The National Gardening Association All herbs aren't created equal, or equally nice, as you'll find out if you choose invasive herbs as companions for your g READ MORE

Invasive Herbs

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By: Robin Svedi Some members of the herb family are known to become quite invasive when planted in and amongst other herbs in the garden. If left to their own devices, these herbs quickly will chok READ MORE
Invasive Garden Herbs
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