Outdoor Plants and Gardening are my passions so why wouldn’t I start a website where I can share my Experience & Knowledge.

Hi I am Theresa Henry Frain thank you for visiting my website. I have worked in a family owned Greenhouse business since 1988 taking a 5 year break at one time to run a Restaurant.

I was with my parents when they put up their first greenhouse and by the time they sold it to my brother in 2004 we had 5 Greenhouses, 7 Huts, and a 10 acre Nursery.

I have grown

* Geraniums
* Proven Winners
* Poinsettias
* Fall Mums
* Easter Lilies
* Ornamental Grasses
* Trees
* Shrubs
* Perennials
* Spring Bedding Flowers
* Hanging Baskets
* Vegetables
* Herbs

I have a Passion for Outdoor Plants and Gardening.

Contact Information

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