You'll Make Thousands from Your Backyard by Producing Your Own Healthy Fresh Food... and It's Easier Than You Imagine.
You'll Make Thousands from Your Backyard by Producing Your Own Healthy Fresh Food... and It's Easier Than You Imagine.

Jonathan's Step-by-Step Fully Illustrated Book + Over 60 Minutes of Video Revealing His Secret Methods Will Get You Producing Fresh, Healthy Organic Food Year After Year from Your Home Backyard,
for Less than $100. No Digging, No Weeding.

Joanthan White in Garden

From Jonathan White
Environmental Scientist and Horticulturalist
and creator of Food4Wealth:

Hi, My name is Jonathan White, here I am in my garden surrounded by fresh, healthy organic carrots, lettuces, tomatoes, zucchinis, celery, spring onions, swiss chard, baby spinach, parsnip, cucumber, potatoes and pumpkin. A week earlier I pulled out some delicious sweet corn that had finished, and in their place tiny broccoli, cauliflower, and chinese cabbage seedlings emerged, in perfect time for the winter crop...

...without me planting a thing - they just came up by themselves.

I am going to show you how you can eliminate your fresh food bill. Even better you can take my instructions and produce more food than you need and sell it, making you money!

My Food4Wealth fresh food production secrets are going to show you how to grow all the fresh organic food you need in just a few short hours in your own backyard, all for less than $100.

My methods are based on sound ecological models. It takes into account several scientific principles so that it acts just like a natural ecosystem. And that's precisely why it can look after itself.

It's far more beautiful than your average vegetable garden because it supports ten times more plants. In fact, your friends will think it's an ornamental garden, until they realize that everything in it is edible.

My amazing discovery was not found in horticultural books or magazines. In fact, it wasn't found in any books at all. It came from my deep understanding of ecological processes.

Once I stopped fighting against Mother Nature and started working with her, she just gave and gave and gave. I'm going to show you how to do just the same.
What is Food4Wealth?

It's a method of growing food, but it's like nothing you have ever seen before. When people think of growing food they think of hard work, large acreage and poor returns for their effort.

This method is the opposite of all those things. It's easy, it requires very little time, it is easy to learn and you can do it in a very small space.

Food4Wealth's Secrets are the world's highest yielding and easiest way to produce fresh organic food that's environmentally friendly and scientifically proven.

It's an ecologically sound micro-ecosystem working in your own backyard like a Garden of Eden.

Even if you have never planted a plant in your life, you will be able to produce fresh, organic food, more successfully than a veteran gardener. And if you are a veteran gardener, you'll wish you discovered this method years ago. It is very simple.

The unique Food4Wealth secrets are only available in my Food4Wealth Instruction Manual and Video's and only from this Food4Wealth website.

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Clear, Easy, Simple Instructions.

Food4Wealth Ebook

My Food4Wealth step-by-step instruction manual has been written with you in mind. It has been laid out with clear simple instructions and illustrations so that you can easily get started.

Food4Wealth grow vegetables videoThere are also 14 short video tutorials, over 60 minutes, showing you every step of the way, so that you can see exactly what you should be doing to get these amazing results for yourself. Fod4wealth garden project plan

Plus you will also get an easy to follow step-by-step project plan listing what to do and how to do it. You will also get a maintainence plan and checklist to guide through the whole process.

I will tell you exactly what you need to know to get set up and start producing organic food for years to come.

This is Not Gardening

Food4Wealth is not a gardening book telling you hundreds of confusing ways to fix problems. It's an easy step-by-step manual to create your own natural micro-ecosystem that will have you producing free, healthy organic food in a way that the world has never seen before.

The Food4Wealth method isn't gardening, and it isn't agriculture. I like to think of it as building an ecosystem using edible plants. Ecosystems look and act differently to gardens - the biggest difference being that ecosystems look after themselves and are far more attractive and productive.

Even in your very first year you should expect to save a few thousand dollars.

Initially you will have to put in 3-4 hours work to get the system set up. But don't worry; because I will take you right through the process from go to whoa.

You will only spend from $20- $100 on materials. But hey, that's a small investment for something that will save you thousands of dollars per year.

Just imagine what you could do with all that extra money per year: pay off debts, pay it off your mortgage, travel overseas, buy new clothes, buy furniture - there is so much you can do with the savings you make, EVERY year.

Don't Just Save Money, MAKE MONEY

You will learn ways of turning your excess food into cash. I have also included a bonus section on creating a Compact Fruit Farm that fits into the smallest space, but produces fruit like a real farm.
sell fresh organic vegetables

I will show you the best cash crops so you can create a home-based business selling fresh organic food, jams, chutneys and sauces. It's a deeply rewarding way to make a living and right now is the best time to do it.

People right across the World have gone organic crazy, and with very good reason. Agricultural pesticide and chemical use is higher than ever and nobody really knows the long-term effects these toxins will have on us.

Organic food commands at least double the price of ordinary produce because the growers simply can't keep up with consumer demand. This is a golden time to take opportunity of the current situation by getting in whilst the demand is skyrocketing. It's also a great way of turning a difficult time into something that is positive for both you, and your customers.

What are My Food4Wealth Secrets Worth?

Food4Wealth is the key to unlocking the wealth in your backyard. My instructions will save you many thousands of dollars over your lifetime. My knowledge will also save you days and weeks of trial and error and frustration. If you want to save thousands per year on food, improve your health and spend the least amount of effort achieving it then what I have for you in Food4Wealth is worth many, many thousands of dollars to you.

The Food4Wealth instruction manual and over 60 minutes of video tutorials are the fruits of many years of labor. I have been growing food since I was 7 years old. My understanding of ecological processes was being nurtured as a small child running bare-footed in my family's small farm. This understanding was formalized with years of study at university and many thousands of hours of back-breaking fieldwork, testing and trialling all of what you are about to learn. It's a life-long commitment!

That's what it takes to create a product that can revolutionize the way we grow food for a better world.

When you buy Food4Wealth, you will be receiving the fruits of my labor. I've done all the hard work so that you don't have to. I feel as though this product is worth hundreds, if not, thousands of dollars.

However, given the current economy, I know how important it is to get this method out to the world where it can start changing people's lives when they need it most. I have decided to offer the Food4Wealth 80 page instruction manual and over 60 Minutes (and growing) of step by step video tutorials for just $97 (Read on for a Special Offer)

This is a small price to pay for my lifetime of invaluable knowledge and experience and a wealth of secrets that you can be gaining from immediately. On top of that, for a very limited time, you are guaranteed to recieve all future updates to Food4Wealth in the special members area. This special bonus is only included in Today's Special Price.

I am continually practicing the Food4Wealth methods and improving them and I am constantly updating Food4Wealth. Buy at Today's Special Price and you won't miss out or pay more to learn about my new discoveries and improvements in all future updates.

My Motivation Behind Food4Wealth

Food4wealth book

It's true that I can show you how to save cash on your food bill and make money from selling organic food, but I am an environmental scientist first and foremost.

My primary drive is not money but getting you to eat healthy, contribute to making our environment better and if it saves you cash at the same time, that's great too. I understand cash is precious right now and people are looking for ways to pay the bills and spare enough cash to enjoy life.

What I have to show you - you will save cash, help save the environment and improve your health. That's a triple bonus.

Up to 30% of green house emissions are the result of us not growing our own food. I'm on a mission to help you, and millions of others around the world to grow healthy organic food in the most efficient, easy and environmentally friendly way possible.

If we are to make a difference to our planet, live economically and improve our lives we need to start taking action - real physical action. Sitting around talking about it won't change a thing, but growing our own healthy organic food in an environmentally gentle way will make a positive change for millions of us.

Jonathan White
May 2009

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There are Many Good Reasons For You to
Join Food4Wealth Today

1. Save thousands of dollars per year on your fresh food
2. Highest yielding method of food production in the world
3. Easiest method of food production in the world
4. Healthiest method of food production in the world
5. Requires very little maintenance
6. Requires very little effort - No Digging! No Weeding!
7. Live Longer, Healthier and Happier
8. Produces food that is free of toxic pesticides and herbicides
9. Produces food that is richer in disease fighting antioxidants
10. Produces food that is fresher, and therefore contains more essential nutrients.
11. Produces food that is far tastier than shop-bought equivalences
12. Easy for your kids to get involved
13. Saves time in driving to the store
14. Great for the environment

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Order Food4Wealth Today and Join Thousands of Others Improving the Way the World Produces Food

I have helped thousands of people with my knowledge of ecological gardening. I have helped them become more effective gardeners with far less effort and without the dreaded uncertainty of "will it grow". Here are just a few people and what they have to say:
happy gardener

"Jonathan's method is very natural. This is a problem free way of working with nature rather than against it."
Harriet Mc Rae
happy grower

"Jonathan's way of teaching is very, very good. I understood the method straight away."
Ann Crawford
green thumb

"The information is brilliant. It's so simple to implement."
Robyn McDonald
ecological gardener

"Excellent material from an experienced gardener."
Brian Poole
ecosystem gardener

"Jonathan's got a wealth of academic knowledge and heaps of experience as well. That's pretty rare."
David Furlock
vegetable grower

"I'm looking at my backyard in whole new way. Jonathan's explanations and instructions are incredibly simple. There is nothing complicated about it all and it makes complete sense. I hated the idea of gardening but now I enjoy it"
Michael Cunningham
organic food grower

"This is so much easier that the way I used to grow vegetables."
Mary Woodward
home food grower

"The instructions were very clear and everything I needed to know was included."
Wendy Maddison
grow food

"We've been battling for years, trying to grow our own food. Thank goodness we now know how to do it."
Harold and Sue Baskerville
grow garden vegetables

"Once I read the instruction manual, I knew exactly what I needed to do."
Catherine O'Connor
vegetable gardener

"The thing that I find so appealing about this method is that it is based on science, but written in a way that anybody could understand."
Geoff Brown

You'll Gain Important Skills From
Food4Wealth That Will Improve Your Life
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Sell organic vegetables whilst demand is high

selling fresh organic foodThere has never been a better time to sell organic food. With pesticide use up tenfold in the last decade, people are becoming more and more aware of the lethal effects these toxins have on our health. Organic food growers command at least double the price of standard foods, and still, are unable to keep up with buyer demand.

Don't let a golden opportunity like this pass you by. Get in while the demand is skyrocketing.

The Food4Wealth instructions and video will show you exactly how to grow far more food in a small space than any traditional gardening method.

no digging, no weedingThrow away the hoe

No more hours of tedious weeding required with the Food4Wealth method. A weed-free plot is actually very easy to achieve when you follow the simple strategies in the manual and videos.

The same simple strategies will also give you a plot with no pest problems and no need for chemicals, whatsoever. It will also flourish on far less water that a traditional garden and require a fraction of the maintenance.

Create your own natural habitat using edible plants

ecological gardenThe Food4Wealth plot is basically a natural habitat that uses edible plants, and you can create one more easily than you realize. As a matter of fact, it's far easier than creating a traditional vegetable garden. You won't have to dig, and you won't have to heave heavy loads. It will only take a few hours and many of the materials you require can be gathered for free.

ecologically grown vegetablesOnce this amazing ecosystem is set up you will be able to harvest fresh organic food every single day. It will literally save you thousands of dollars per year.

The Food4Wealth 80 page instruction manual comes with over 60 minutes of comprehensive video tutorials. In fact, everything you need to know is on video, or in the book. So, whether you like to read or watch, it doesn't matter, because it is all covered for you.

Knowing how to create a Food4Wealth plot gives you such freedom. You will never need to worry about where your next meal is coming from or how much it will cost.

Eat fresh, nutrient packed food every day of the year.

Unlike traditional gardens that are stripped bare over winter, your Food4Wealth plot will deliver food every single day. By following the simple procedures, that only take about 8 hours per year, you can keep your plot full and flourishing all year round.

With a good diet of fresh food you will have more energy, feel healthier and look younger. Food4Wealth will show you how easy it is to have fresh, nutrient packed food available form your backyard all year round.

Jonathan White
Horitculturalist and Environmental Scientist
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