X-Act Systems Composting
In-vessel composting is fast becoming the composting method of choice because it produces better quality compost faster and easier than traditional methods. The X-Act System composter monitors and maintains the critical elements of the composting process within ideal range; therefore, composting occurs at the fastest rate possible with the rotating vessel doing all the work. Because the guesswork inherent in traditional composting operations is eliminated, the compost produced is superior quality consistently!

X-Act Composting

* Remarkable Class A or B Compost
* Odorless
* Virtually Pathogen Free
* Weed Seed Free
* Insect Larvae Free
* Odor Reduction
* Labour Saving
* Land Requirements Minimized
* No Supplementary Heat
* Air, Moisture, Leachate Controlled
* Batch or Continuous Process
* 100% Organic

X-Act Systems began developing the X-Act Systemsí Composter 7 years ago as a result of the growing and tremendous challenge of handling organic waste in municipalities (MSW, household waste, yard and leaf waste etc), on farms (manure, mortalities, litter), and in industry (processing renderings and waste). Because of the huge volumes of waste involved and the needs of the operations, the system had to be fast, have a low labor requirement, require little land, control odors and leachate, and kill pathogens and viruses.

After researching various waste handling strategies, in-vessel, rotating drum composting turned out to be the best solution. It is simple, durable, and affordable, and it composts in as little as 4 to 5 days! However, we couldn't find one already manufactured, so we decided to design, engineer and manufacture our own. We began with a small (4' diameter by 10' long) R & D unit that we used for 4 years--running tests, analyzing samples, redesigning and fine tuning the composter. At the same time, the company refined the compost recipes and processing.

Norlen Systems has a sales team covering Canada and the USA, a marketing department that supports this team, and a close association with our engineer and manufacturer. Our team was certified by the University of Maineís School of Composting. With over 35 years experience in material handling for industry and agriculture, skilled expertise in composting equipment, and extensive field experience, X-Act Systems, a division of Norlen Systems, offers municipal, commercial and agricultural operations accelerated solutions to successful in-vessel composting.

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