Winter Vegetable Gardening
Written by Travis Saling

This page is my attempt to get you maritime gardeners interested in growing winter vegetables! C'mon; it's fun, easy, and good for you!

Why have a winter vegetable garden?

I tend to think that a trip down the produce aisle in winter will let you answer this yourself. But I'll tell you why I do it.

As is the case with summer vegetables, fresh from-the-garden produce simply tastes better than its supermarket counterpart. Because it is harvested closer to the time it is consumed, it is higher in vitamins (this is probably even more true in winter than in summer, since so much of the commercially available winter produce is grown in the southern hemisphere). The eating quality is often remarkably higher: For instance, many vegetables store more sugars when they are exposed to cold temperatures. Also, a lot of winter vegetables are poor shippers; so if you want quality leeks or kale you have no choice but to grow them yourself. In addition, you know what has, and hasn't, been sprayed all over your own plants!

All of the above is true. But, for me, the bottom line is simply this: I enjoy it! There is something incredibly satisfying about pulling a delicious carrot out of January's mucky soil, or cutting fresh Brussels sprouts when the snow is on the ground. I suppose, in the end, it is my way of thumbing my nose at Old Man Winter.

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