What is a Hedge
A hedge is a fence or a boundary formed by a row of shrubs or low trees. A hedge can have a very formal appearance with frequent trimming, or look more natural when allowed to grow out. A hedge plant can come in many different sizes and colors, and there are varieties of hedge that will grow in nearly every part of the world. Many gardeners will use a hedge for many different reasons.

First of all, a hedge is a good natural wind block. Many plants are very susceptible to damage from heavy winds, especially in the wintertime. The cold winds will often kill less hardy plants, and severely damage others. A dense evergreen hedge will make an attractive wall to protect plants year round.

A hedge will make a nice privacy screen. Many people do not want to sit on a porch or patio and see streets or other houses. They prefer a more private setting. Some people would rather not have a large, unattractive wooden fence installed in their back yard. Placing a hedge around the edge will make for a beautiful, and practical privacy screen.

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A hedge can also make a nice border. Wooden and chain link fences are often very unappealing to the homeowner. A hedge makes a great, natural-looking fence to divide houses and yards from each other. Whatever the placing, a hedge makes a more beautiful addition that any man-made screen.

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