What is Horticulture?
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Horticulture is the study and industry of the cultivation of plants on a small scale. It is very important to our society. The main aspects of horticulture include soil preparation and pruning of plants, along with the science of genetics. Horticulturists try to improve crop yield and strengthen their crops against parasites and diseases through genetic engineering.

There are many other categories of study involved with horticulture. We can easily divide these into two big groups: edibles, or things we can eat, and ornamentals, which are basically decorative. These categories include floriculture-the study of flowers; landscape horticulture, and even viticulture and oenology-the study of growing grapes and the art of winemaking! In addition, the study of postharvest physiology, or how to preserve and enrich the soil after the harvest so it remains effective and profitable for the next planting, is very important to people who practice horticulture.

Horticulture is not to be confused with agriculture. Horticulture is more focused on a smaller scale, as opposed to agriculture, which is the word associated with large crops.

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