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I'm Peggy Ferguson. My husband, Cecil (aka The Pond Doc), and I opened Pond Doc's Water Garden Center in Alpharetta, Georgia over 10 years ago.

Our philosophy at our store was to provide good quality products that work well and the information on how to use them. We did not strive to be the cheapest nor did we strive to be the most elite. We simply wanted to give folks a place where they could go and get the equipment and products they needed to maintain a healthy pond without getting ripped off or paying too much.

We've expanded that philosophy to the internet. Here at Pond Doc's Online Water Garden Center you will find the equipment you need to build a healthy and low-maintenance koi pond or water garden, water treatments to add to your pond to make it healthy, clear and pretty, medications to treat sick koi and goldfish, and lots of other products and supplies to make your pond experience more enjoyable.

We do try to stay competitive while providing the best quality pond supplies on the market. The advantage, however, you have when you shop online with Pond Doc's is that you will receive more than simply merchandise. You will benefit from years of experience with ponds, water gardening, koi and goldfish health issues.

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