WaterWise Landscaping
In the next 50 years, Texas faces a critical water shortage. Even with further development of conventional and alternative supplies of water, Texas is still looking at a water deficit of more than 16 percent. All of us must work together to ensure wise and efficient use of water. Texans can have beautiful landscapes and water too, if everyone practices WaterWise landscaping. Visit the Texas WaterWise Council web site to learn more.

Drought Information

Most areas of Texas will experience drought some time during the spring and summer of 2000. Drought is determined by a formula that takes into account the normal rainfall vs the current rainfall, so the definition of drought varies across the state. TNLA offers the following information to help consumers keep their lawns and gardens healthy through the drought and beyond, while preserving our precious natural resource - water. TNLA is a founding member of the Texas WaterWise Council - a coalition dedicated to wise use of water. For more information about water conservation in the landscape see the Texas WaterWise Council web site.

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