Vegetable Gardening, Herbs, Fruits and More
Vegetable Gardening, Herbs, Fruits & More

Nothing tastes better than home grown fruits & vegetables. Here are how to tips on growing the tastiest vegetables, herbs, fruits, berries, nuts and more. Grow the best with ideas on varieties, heirlooms, increasing your harvest, pest control, and getting the most from your home gardening.

Organic Gardening Essentials

The key to organic gardening is keeping a healthy balance in your garden. Prevent problems, rather than treating for them after the fact. Healthy plants are better able to withstand pests than stressed plants. And your plants will be healthy if they are given what they need to grow well and if you are growing diversity of plants. Here are some more tips to help you garden organically:

Companion Planting
There is no rule that says vegetables and flowers canít mix. In fact, the vegetable garden will benefit greatly from the addition of some flowers and herbs. Itís not just esthetics that make flowers and herbs welcome in the vegetable garden. Companion Planting offers several beneficial features that can protect your vegetables from insect pests and even make them more productive.
Harvesting Vegetables - How Do You Know When to Pick?

There are no precise guidelines as to when to harvest your vegetables, but there are some rules of thumb to guide you. Most vegetables are harvested just before full maturity, for maximum flavor and the most pleasant texture. The following are criterion for judging whether your vegetables are ready for picking.

Choosing Healthy Plants
When selecting plants for your garden or home, check the overall health of the whole nursery as well as the plants you are choosing. Watching for signs of insects, disease, stress and abuse can pay off big in the long run.

Tomato Tips - 10 Tips for Growing Great Tomatoes
Tomato plants know what they like and they grow well when you give it to them. Growing the best tasting or the earliest tomato is a great source of pride for the home gardener and here are 10 tips for growing terrific tomatoes.

Tomato Plant Problems - FAQ
Tomatoes are subject to many common problems. Many tomato problems does show themselves until the fruit starts to ripen? With blossom end rot, green shoulders and tomato cracking, what can be done to save the ripening tomatoes? How can these problems be reduced with future tomatoes?

Herb Gardening Indoors
Many herb plants can be easily grown indoors, in a sunny windowsill or under lights. You can have a herb garden throughout the winter, with fresh herbs to cook with, in your kitchen. Herbs will grow in containers with minimal care.

Edible Flowers - Growing Flowers that are Beautiful, As Well As Delicious
Edible flowers aren't a new phenomonon, but garnishes of fresh flowers tend to intimidate diners. No one is really sure if the flowers are there for decoration or to be eaten. It's hard to find edible flowers to purchase, but quite easy to grow most of them in your garden. Since flowers are best when eaten soon after harvest, growing your own edible flowers makes even more sense.

Fruit Trees Not Bearing Fruit?
There are many reasons fruit trees can take years to begin bearing fruit. Home fruit growers need to make sure their fruit trees are given the right care and growing conditions.

Grow Award Winning Plants
Growing new varieties of plants is the best way to learn what grows well for you. "Plant of the Year" awards point gardeners toward excellent choices for their own gardens. is an online neighborhood of hundreds of helpful experts, eager to share their wealth of knowledge with visitors.

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