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An Interesting List of 15 Types of Shrubs

To enhance your property, shrubs make an excellent solution. While there are many possibilities, this list of 15 types of shrubs would give you some options to consider. After looking at your growing environment, you would be able to choose the exact shrub that would grow best. This list of 15 types of shrubs would certainly be a good place to start, giving you ideas.

Butterfly Bushes – This particular shrub grows to about four feet tall and three to four feet wide. It produces long and thin branches on which small green leaves grow. In early fall, brightly colored yellow flowers appear and while they produce no fragrance, they are gorgeous and yes, they attract butterflies. The White and Claret Purple Butterfly Bush are great choices.

Burning Bushes – These bushes come in many varieties, each unique and visually appealing. Burning Bushes grow well in shaded areas and in the winter, snow sticks to the corky wings, creating quite a sight. Some of the more popular choices include the Bursting Heart and Compacta.

Evergreen Shrubs – Another choice on this list of 15 types of shrubs is the evergreen, which is a broad-leaved bush. The Mount Laurel is popular, which has tough, glossy foliage with buds that bloom in the fall, turning into delicate flowers. Evergreens can handle extremely cold temperatures so they grow well all over the country.

Flowering Shrubs – Of course, our list of 15 types of shrubs would not be complete without flowering varieties. Although each variety produces a different type and color flower, they are all gorgeous. The Coral Red Dogwood, Adams Needle, Common Purple Lilac, and Diana Rose of Sharon are all great choices.

Lilac Bushes – The attraction to this type of shrub is the beautiful lilac colored flowers and magnificent fragrance. Some choices for this type of showy shrub include the Persian Lilac, Korean Lilac, and Miss Canada Lilac.

Hydrangea – Without doubt, Hydrangea are beautiful. Whether choosing the Oakleaf Hydrangea, Nikko Blue Hydrangea, or other variety, the flowers form in clusters consisting of a colored membranous envelop with inner flowers that have up to ten, ribbed tubular envelops and five ovate petals.

Landscaping Bushes – Next on our list of 15 types of shrubs are those used for landscaping. Popular choices include the Black Chokeberry, Common Witch Hazel, Red Rum Honeysuckle, Spice Bush, and Variegated Yucca.

Continuing with our list of 15 types of shrubs, we wanted to step away from categories and provide the last eight on actual shrub varieties.

Daphne Shrubs – These shrubs produce flowers that have a wonderful fragrance, variegated foliage, and white to light pink colored blossoms that are stunning.

Neon Flash Spirea Shrubs – The deep pink flower clusters bloom in early spring and multi-stems make this a perfect addition to any home.

Yellow Twig Dogwood Shrubs – All Dogwood varieties are popular in that they produce such beautiful flowers. For this variety, the branches turn a golden yellow color in the wintertime.

Hibiscus Shrubs – Hibiscus flowers are so unique and elegant that they are often the preferred flower for weddings. This perennial tropical shrub produces large and hardy flowers so impressive they would take your breath away.

Virginia Sweetspire – This also landed on our list of 15 types of shrubs because it has wonderful flowers and in the fall, the foliage turns a rich, red color.

Walking Stick – Of all the options listed among the 15 types of shrubs, this is without doubt the most different. This shrub grows with interesting, almost whimsical branching patterns that enhance your outdoor space and intrigue everyone that sees it.

Fringe Flower – The official name of this shrub is the Chinese Loropetalum, which grows well in zones 7 to 10. The flowers vary in color from burgundy to ruby to pink.

Diablo Ninebark – The last option on our list of 15 types of shrubs is a deciduous shrub that originated in North America. This plant produces beautiful flowers, it is hardy, and it grows well in zones 2 through 7.

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