The Texas Triffid Ranch
Paul Riddell
The Texas Triffid Ranch
5930-E Royal Lane
Dallas, Texas 75230

For those who haven't noticed, you've stepped into the Texas Triffid Ranch LiveJournal, the augmentation to The Texas Triffid Ranch, a carnivorous and unusual plant nursery located in Dallas. The LJ is open to comments from all over, but anonymous or non-LJ user postings will be screened. (This is stop spam postings more than anything else, so don't be offended if your brilliant comment doesn't show up right away.)

The Inhabitants: At this time, the regular cast of characters involve myself, my wife the Czarina, two cats named Tramplemaine and Leiber, and The Plants. We may have additional cast members show up, and they will be disposed of listed as appropriate.

The Situation: At this time, this LJ discusses and sticks with the particulars of horticulture, including news, general observations, and upcoming events. If you don't have an interest in carnivorous plants and Wollemi pines, and if you don't particularly want to cultivate an interest in passionflowers or bromeliads, you might want to move on. I'm just sayin'.

The Rules: I'm remarkably liberal in discussion subjects, but anyone who thinks that this is a democracy will be disappointed. Harrassment or abuse of anyone else, for whatever reason, is grounds for immediate blocking. Start a flame war here, and all parties get blocked. If you want to share a link, feel free to do so if it's appropriate to the forum: if you're trying to pitch your latest MLM scam, it's a blocking. I generally give everyone a second chance after six months or so, but any E-mail sent to me arguing about or debating the blocking will make it permanent. I know most people weren't raised Catholic, but just picture that a nine-foot-tall cannibalistic nun with a metal drafting ruler the size of a Scottish claymore is standing behind you with designs on your pineal gland if you get out of line, and we'll all be happy.

carnivorous plants, horticulture, prehistoric plants
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