Telegraph Gardenshop: Alliums
Alliums, also known as ornamental onions, are the jewels in your garden crown.

By John Hiorns12:04PM BST 01 Jul 2011Comment
Add jewel tones to your early summer borders with these alliums (also known as ornamental onions).
Both featured in the Telegraph’s Best in Show garden this year at Chelsea, where designer Cleve West used them scattered among herbaceous planting.
Allium atropurpureum
This is one of my favourites. A rich crimson with a dark purple eye, the flower heads have a gorgeous maroon-purple appearance. I find they need no staking as the stems are nice and strong, even on a fairly windy site. They have been around for a few hundred years, having originated in Bulgaria and Romania, but are in fairly scarce supply to the gardener.

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