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Building a shed, deck or planter box? Our wood-waste recycling program receives a steady supply of high quality redwood and fir lumber, posts, beams and plywood thatís ideal for such projects. We occasionally get hard to find hardwood stock as well for those special interior projects. Some of these excellent quality wood products come from new construction sites and have never been used.

Advantages of Recycled Wood
It keeps valuable wood out of our landfills and reduces the demand to cut trees in our forests. Less trees being trucked from distant forests to be milled, and then trucked again to a retailer, means less traffic on our highways. The result: a reduction in fossil fuel use, improved air quality and less global warming.

Recycled Lumber from Sonoma CompostAffordable Pricing
In most cases youíll save from 1/2 to 2/3 off of retail lumber prices. See the list below for pricing on many of the products we often stock. If you visit our yard and find something not on our list, ask for pricing in our office.

Customers are welcome to sort through our stacked wood. (Please check in at our office first) To keep our recycled wood area neat for the next customer, we ask that you re-stack the wood when finished. Please donít load your vehicle until the lumber you want has been tallied up by one of our staff. If you require assistance, we will be happy to help you load your order.

Special Orders
If there is a particular type or size of lumber or wood product you need, please let us know in advance and we'll ask our sorters to watch for it in our incoming wood. Check our stock regularly, since we have new wood products arriving daily.

Recycled Lumber from Sonoma CompostCustomer Caution Advised
All recycled wood products should be used and handled with care as they may contain nails, screws. brads, staples, connectors, rocks and other items that are not visible. If these materials come in contact with saws or other woodworking equipment, damage to the equipment and personal injury could result. The use of safety equipment, including eye protection and gloves is advised.

Recycled Wood Pricing
Wood Product Size (nominal) Price/foot
Fir/Redwd. Lumber 2 X 4 .20/foot
Fir/Redwd. Lumber 2 X 6 .28/foot
Fir/Redwd. Lumber 2 X 8 .36/foot
Fir/Redwd. Lumber 2 X 10 .44/foot
Fir/Redwd. Lumber 2 X 12 .55/foot
Fir/Redwd. Lumber 3 X 4 .28/foot
Fir/Redwd. Lumber 4 X 4 .55/foot
Fir/Redwd. Lumber 4 X 6 1.01/foot
Fir/Redwd. Lumber 4 X 8 1.35/foot
Fir/Redwd. Lumber 4 X 10 1.69/foot
Fir/Redwd. Lumber 4 X 12 2.02/foot
Redwood Fencing 1 X 6 .25¢/foot
Redwood Fencing 1 X 8 .33¢/foot
Redwood Fence Panels To 10í long/any ht. $10/panel

Thickness Price/Sq.Ft. Full Sheet Price
1/4" 13¢ 4.00/sheet
3/8" 16¢ 5.00/sheet
1/2" 19¢ 6.00/sheet
5/8" 25¢ 8.00/sheet
3/4" 28¢ 9.00/sheet
1" 38¢ 12.00/sheet
Full sheet is 4í x 8í (32 sq. ft.). Prices apply to standard exterior construction plywood, paneling & OSB. Interior & cabinet grade stock priced as marked.

Miscellaneous Wood Products
Large Beams All Species Priced By Size
Manufactured I-Beams All Sizes Priced By Size
Grape Stakes All Sizes $2.00/each
Tree Stakes All Sizes $2.00/each
Pallets All Sizes $2.00/each
Benderboard-wood/vinyl All Sizes 10¢/foot
PG&E Reel Ends All Sizes Free!

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