Simple Xeriscaping Techniques for the Home Vegetable Garden
By April Horton, published Feb 05, 2008
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Xeriscaping is simply a garden technique used to conserve water. Planting things that will thrive in your climate with as little water as possible is key. Drought hardy and heat resistant plants are usually good choices. There are also a few tricks you can use to maximize your water usage. Xeriscaping is a great choice for the home vegetable gardener as conserving water and the amount of time spent watering one's garden is always a nice bonus during a busy growing season. Not to mention conserving one of the earth's most precious and wasted resources, water.


Herbs are the perfect plants to start with when planning on incorporating xeriscaping into the home garden. Herbs are naturally hardy and many are drought resistant due to being native to the hot dry Mediterranean region of the world. Herbs like cilantro, rosemary, marjoram, thyme, bee balm, oregano and sage are perfect for using in a low water usage garden. Herbs are highly adaptable and easy to grow. They don't need much maintenance either other than keeping them from spreading all over the yard.


Organic and heirloom varieties are recommended to be sure and avoid nasty genetically modified seeds. There are many vegetables that are naturally heat tolerant and drought resistant. These types of varieties are optimal in using in the xeriscaped designed vegetable garden. Some heat drought resistant plants that require less water to thrive and love heat are sweet potatoes, okra, peppers, peas and watermelons.

Another thing to remember is most plants will be almost done or on their way growing by time drought sets in. These types of plants can be planted earlier to avoid drought conditions during the crucial growing stages. Such vegetables would be broccoli, cauliflower, spinach, lettuce, onions and beets.

Companion planting is also a great way to conserve water as well. Planting vegetables that are alike in water requirements will benefit the water conservationist.

Simple Xeriscaping Techniques for the Home Vegetable Garden
Feb 05, 2008
April Horton
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