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Rubber mulch is one of the hottest garden and landscaping products on the market. It is a long-lasting mulch made from recycled rubber truck tires. This cost-effective, versatile rubber mulch is non-toxic and completely safe for putting around swing sets, play areas, horse arenas, whatever your landscaping needs may be. Realistically textured and available in a variety of colors, rubber mulch will change the way you mulch for years to come.

Rubber mulch is made from EPA-approved recycled rubber truck tires. These tires are made into nuggets and colored to produce a cost-effective rubber mulch that benefits the environment as much as your yard, play areas, riding arenas, business and more.

Rubber mulch withstands the elements longer than conventional wood mulches, lasting at least 10 years without replacement. It provides a safe surface for children to play on, horses to ride on, with one of the highest safety ratings of any ground covering available. Protecting plants by retaining ground moisture, resisting rot and not attracting insects ñ rubber mulch does all this, while maintaining its rich color.

Whether you are a homeowner looking to mulch your garden and play area or a business owner researching cost-effective landscaping options, everyone can find a use for rubber mulch. It enhances play areas, riding arenas, golf courses, restaurants, parks, tourist attractions and homes throughout North America.

The rubber mulch nuggets provides superior shock absorption that eases strain on horses. Any horse will now be more comfortable on the bounce-back surface that rubber mulch nuggets provide. Rubber mulch nuggets will also improve any arenaís appearance because they retain water better, thereby minimizing dust and your maintenance time. Select from a variety of colors that match your arena and enjoy the benefits for years.

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