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Real School Gardens
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Our Mission

REAL School Gardens cultivates relationships with elementary school communities to create learning gardens that raise hope, spark imaginations and connect children to nature.

REAL School Gardens is a grassroots gardening program that helps children by supporting elementary school communities as they design, install and sustain outdoor classrooms (gardens).

In North Texas alone, we support 66 schools, ensuring that more than 40,000 children and over 2,300 educators have daily access to nature through school gardens. Through national partners such as the San Francisco Green Schoolyard Alliance, we welcome an additional 39 school gardens, serving about 10,000 more students and 450 educators in our network of support. Our goals are to create safe outdoor spaces to engage young children, to use nature to enhance student learning, encourage family and community involvement in schools, and to create vibrant, sharing networks of educators and partners who commit to putting school gardens at the heart of urban neighborhoods.

What makes us different is how we "build community" around a child. Not through a program, but through relationships. A school garden is not an island.

Parents show kids how to make salsa with their school’s chili-pepper harvest. Neighbors honor a school garden as their yard of the month. A teacher finds a lesson plan inside a cocoon’s silken threads and shares it with another.

Our inclusive approach embraces a shared belief -- that the best way to embed learning into life is to experience it outdoors. And, as a third-grader so eloquently said, "I like the garden because it is kindness. Good things happen here."

As we forge new friendships in new states, we remain committed to helping schools and communities grow hearts, minds and spirit. We need a rock path, a path of resolve, sun-dappled and steady.

Won't you walk with us?

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