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Short on space? Raised garden beds could be the answer.
If you don’t have a lot of room in your yard – or no yard at all – gardening in a raised bed allows you to grow a huge variety of flowers, herbs and organic vegetables in an environment that’s easy to create and maintain. More and more people are "going green" by raising their own food, creating less waste for the planet and living healthier lives.

To create a raised bed garden, you can purchase pre-made boxes in various sizes, or you can build your own. Typically, raised garden beds are three to four feet wide (for easy access), and can be as long as the gardener chooses. The frame can be made of wood or concrete blocks.

Whether you place your raised garden within a section of your yard or install it on your porch, this type of gardening brings many benefits. Because these gardens are traditionally small and accessible, you won’t need to spend excess time tending the plants and soil, nor will you need extensive knowledge of gardening practices.

Benefits of raised bed gardening
When you grow within a raised bed, you have total control of the soil quality, because you build the soil from scratch. The box is self-contained, so you won’t have to fight excess weed growth spreading into your garden from the surrounding soil. Weed problems become almost non-existent when you place your box on a porch, away from blowing seed spores.

Another advantage in raised bed gardening is soil that remains more porous. Raised garden beds are designed so that the gardener rarely, if ever, has to walk within them. This keeps the soil uncompacted and able to drink up nutrients and water.

Close plant-spacing along with the use of compost greatly increases your yield per square foot of soil compared with traditional row gardening. Because the fully grown plant leaves are so close together, a "microclimate" is automatically created to conserve moisture and reduce weed growth.

The compact size of a raised garden bed means less gardening equipment is needed and easy access is provided for gardeners who have mobility concerns. By taking into account any physical restrictions you have, you can design your bed to perfectly accommodate your specific needs.

Almost anyone can create a beautiful raised bed garden
And of course, the biggest advantage to raised bed gardening is the huge variety of beautiful flowers and fresh, healthy organic produce nearly everyone can grow – for far less than you would pay your local grocer. If you’ve ever dreamed of growing your own food and flowers, here’s the perfect opportunity to do it without the usual time, trouble and expense involved in developing a huge plot of land.

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