Premium Aquascapes Installs The First Rainwater Harvesting System In Bergen County, NJ -
Premium Aquascapes is bringing Rain Water Harvesting to a home near you. Combining the aesthetic beauty of a Pondless Waterfall with the environmental benefits of a traditional rain harvesting system.


United States of America (Press Release) December 1, 2008 -- This isn’t your parent’s way of capturing rain in a barrel and hoping not to get mosquitoes in it! The Aquascapes’ Rainwater Harvesting System, Bergen County’s first of its kind, combines the aesthetic beauty of a ‘Pondless’ waterfall with the environmental benefits of a traditional Water Harvesting System. Developed by Aquascape Inc. of St. Charles, Illinois and installed by Premium Aquascapes of New Milford, New Jersey, the Rainwater Harvesting System is a self-sustaining natural environment that captures, filters and reuses rainwater. The innovative system collects the rainwater runoff from the roof and carries it into the ‘Pondless’ waterfall feature, reducing the amount of water and pollutants entering the overburdened storm system. The excess water is then diverted into a rain garden where wetlands plants naturally detoxify the water of chemicals and heavy metals. The Rain Water Harvesting System provides a sustainable method for watering your garden or lawn, a clean water source for wildlife and the additional beauty and serenity of the sounds of water as it cascades down the waterfall and into the stream.

Premium Aquascapes of New Milford, New Jersey is a Certified Aquascape Contractor, with over twenty-eight years of experience in the Landscape and Water Garden Industry. Premium Aquascapes is passionate about creating unique and beautiful water features that offer years of continued enjoyment. Using naturally balanced ecosystems, the Premium Aquascapes water features provide a low-maintenance, environmentally friendly water landscape that relaxes the senses and melts stress away. Priding itself on exceeding expectations, Premium Aquascapes leads the industry within the top twentieth percentile in the national Aquascape Water Garden Excellence Program, the Top Frog’s “Club 20” and the Certified Aquascape Contractors. Premium Aquascapes is a member of the New Jersey Landscape Contractors Association (NJLCA), the Associated Landscape Contractors of America (ALCA), and the North American Water Gardens Society (NAWGS).

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