Pollination for the Home Gardener
Pollination for the Home Gardener
by Howard Veatch*

(Published by Dadant and Sons, Inc. Hamilton, IL 62341 -- Permission to reproduce granted by Nick Dadant. For the full booklet, contact Dadant & Sons at the above address. Text scanned and read with Calera Word Scan OCR. Original illustrations can seen by clicking on the links provided. Slightly edited by David L. Green.

The home gardener faces an almost bewildering array of problems: the cost of land has reduced the amount of space available for gardening to a minimum; new varieties of plants, often hybridized for maximum production, are expensive and require a substantial amount of knowledge for successful cultivation; and the often indiscriminate use of insecticides and herbicides has curbed the population of beneficial insects, seemingly without making great headway with the horde of pests that return to haunt the gardener yearly.

*Howard Veatch, Director, Dadant Publications, A Division of Dadant & Sons, Inc., Hamilton, IL 62341. Other Dadant Publications: The American Bee Journal, First Lessons in Beekeeping, American Honey Plants, and The Hive and the Honey Bee. The use of information from many sources is herewith acknowledged. Printed in the U.S.A. for Dadant & Sons, Inc., Hamilton, Illinois.
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