Perennial Flower Gardening Tips
I suspect you want solid information about how to grow great perennial gardens.

There are several hundred perennial flower gardening tips articles on this website - ranging from growing specific plants to designing with them. You can learn how to propagate perennials and get your questions answered in the gardening newsletter.

Long Blooming Gardens

One of the most frustrating parts of perennial gardening is trying to get the garden to look good and bloom for an extended time. I did write a book on this subject, and much of the critical information about designing perennial flower beds is here. There are other tips here that are easily done and you don’t have to be a garden expert to improve your garden easily and quickly.

Ornamental Grasses

A part of perennial gardening that is slowly interesting me is the use of perennial grasses in flower garden design. Oh, I know it has been fashionable for some time now and so here are a growing number of articles about the plants and using them in the garden.

Basic Skills

Those who are new to perennial gardening (or those who want to brush up some skills) may find this section of interest. This is where I outline the basic skills needed to succeed with perennial flowers This isn’t rocket science, but good solid information to help you have a better garden.

Shade Gardening

If you’re like me, you enjoy shade gardening as much as any part of the garden. The plants for these areas are here and they are fantastic. I don’t know why some gardeners think that gardening in the shade is boring.

Full Sun Gardening

But if you do, you might want to check out these plants for the full sunshine. Some of these plants take almost as much heat as you can cook up for them.

Rock Gardening

There are a stalwart band of gardeners who believe that small is beautiful and rock gardens or alpine gardens occupy their gardening interests. I used to do a lot of rock gardening and I give you these plant descriptions and gardening tips for your own interest.

Special Plant Lists

I often get requests for plants that grown on clay soils or those that bloom for a long time or – well, almost any kind of plant list you can imagine. Here are some plant lists for perennials in specialty spots I note you have to go to the master plant list to find the descriptions of these plants as the individual lists are not always linked to the hundreds of articles on this site.

Perennial Ground Covers

Perennial ground covers serve many useful functions in the garden and this is a listing and description area for those plants.

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