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ProductReview is Australia’s first and most comprehensive consumer opinion site, online since May 2003. We provide a platform where people can rate and review products and services and the shops that sell them. It is consumer response - satisfied or not!

At ProductReview, you will find real-life experiences and opinions voiced by people about a wide range of products and services. We provide our users with the tools to easily find the products they are interested in, read what others have said about it and write their own reviews.

We believe consumers shape and change products and are the driving force behind innovation. In addition to obvious value provided to the consumer, our un-biased user experiences also provide an ideal platform for merchants to observe consumer reaction to new products introduced to the market or new features added to an old beloved.

Reviews, ratings and much more…!

* Over 40,000 consumer reviews and ratings on thousands of products
* More reviews added every day of the week
* Online & offline merchant information at consumers’ fingertips

We’re big and we’re growing...

ProductReview is one of the fastest growing websites in Australia.

* We have over 20,000 unique visitors every day – a 25% increase during the last three months
* Over 1,000,000 page views a month - a 30% increase over the last three months
* Over 75% of our visitors are Australian consumers who want to buy now
* We have a database of over 30,000 registered users, and it’s growing every day

Our objectives

* To provide un-biased user opinions to all our visitors to help make a better informed shopping choice.

* To provide a sophisticated platform, where consumers can "tell it as it is" and make known their personal experience in using a product, service or dealing with a store.

* To drive public opinion to influence merchants and manufacturers to "step up" and provide higher quality products and better service.

Our content

We believe that our content is valuable information for the entire marketplace - consumers, manufacturers and merchants.

Consumers demand the widest range of products and stores. Our content is demand-driven to create the content that people really need. Our visitors guide our product database, categories and shops. Registered users and visitors alike can use our suggestion tool to make recommendations.

We showcase thousands of products and services in different categories. In addition to detailed product information and reviews, we are also growing our pricing and online merchant database.

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