Norseman Plastics - Recycling Bins and Organics Containers
Norseman Plastics delivers environmental plastic container solutions, including recycling bins, organic waste containers and composters for home and office applications. Plus, theyíre tough, easy to clean and made of recycled plastics.

Our plastic curbside recycling containers are a molded, one piece design that is lightweight and durable. Norseman organics recycling products are perfect for any backyard composting, while the Kitchen Collector, with its secure snap shut lid, is perfect for accumulating organic waste from your kitchen.

For transporting accumulated organics to the curb or to our Earth Machine, the Norseman Green Bin is ideal for disposal of organics. Designed for easy handling, all Norseman recycling products are available in a variety of standard and custom colors.

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515 South Fourth
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39 Westmore Drive
Toronto, Ontario M9V 3Y6

Toll Free: 1- 888-NPL-CUST (1.888.675.2878)

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