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Garden Marquee Lighting - Don’t be left in the Dark this Summer!

by Andy Mason
Unlike other venues where a wedding reception can be held you have a lot more options available to you when you are trying to light a marquee. In fact when it comes to marquee lighting actually getting it installed is much easier than you would have first thought.

Certainly the type of marquee lighting used can alter the way the tent looks and feels, however, when you use a marquee hire company make sure that you use one who will ensure that there are no problems with the lighting. They should be using only approved equipment that has been checked and tested regularly and is also insured. Also use those companies who have a backup system should the initial one actually fail.

Once the company has been found that is suitable for installing your marquee lighting you now need to decide just what kind of lighting it is you want in your marquee. In fact you may find that you need to have a couple different types installed and below we now take a look at what some of these are.

Fairy Lights Or Rope Lights ” These are wonderful strings of lights which can be hung around the sides of the marquee both inside and out to create a more warm and romantic feel to the place. Certainly this is the type of lighting will be perfectly suitable for using to decorate a marquee where a wedding reception or anniversary party is being held.

With this type of lighting it can also be placed across the inside of the marquee roof and this creates an effect similar to a night sky. In most cases this type of lighting will have been situated over the dance floor in the marquee so giving it a more intimate feel.

Uplighters - This kind of marquee lighting is helpful to further create a warm feel inside the tent and also to help disguise areas of the marquee that may be unsightly. But also you can actually use this type of lighting by inserting coloured bulbs into them to help accentuate areas of the marquee as well.

Chandeliers - It is this type of marquee lighting that can really create a dramatic statement to the decor. If you do use such lighting then situate it over those areas where most lighting is needed say for example where the guests of honour (bride and groom) are to be sat.

Lanterns and Floodlights - Most often this type of marquee lighting is used to provide guests with illumination as they make their way towards it. It is important with all types of lighting used outside that the plugs and sockets of these are well protected to ensure that no moisture can get into them.

The person who is actually installing the marquee lighting for you should be a qualified electrician. In fact you should check with the marquee hire company that the people they employ to install their marquee lighting has the appropriate qualifications, if not then find another company who does.

About the Author:
If you are planning to entertain family and friends in your garden marquee this summer, then you can take a look at the wide range of marquee lighting available at online stores. These lights are help keep your party going even as the sun goes down.

Title: Garden Marquee Lighting - Don’t be left in the Dark this Summer!
Author: Andy Mason
Date: 03/09/09
Publication: My Garden @ House n Style Blog

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