More Types Of Shrubs To Use In Your Garden
Buddleia, the butterfly bush, is 16 feet or more if not killed
back by winter, and gets its name from the fact that in the
summer, butterflies are always seen around it. The buddleia takes
many forms: as a small - leaved shrub with small purple flowers;
as fascinating, a cattleya-pink bush; as flaming violet, a
brilliant purple, and as white profusion, a dwarf variety with
pure white flowers. Also the Empire blue shrub, the dubonnet, the
red glory and white cloud.

Flowering quince (Cydonia) has roselike flowers and a scarlet
bloom in spring. Japanese quince grows to 6 feet; has
orange-scarlet flowers.

Deutzia is an easily grown shrub, pleasing for the many small
flowers in spring. Types include the 2- to 3-foot pink deutzia,
with its delicate flowers; the pride of Rochester, with large
double white flowers, and Deutzia Lemoinei, which has large, pure
white flowers.

Other shrubs are the dwarf buckeye, which blossoms in July with
12-inch spikes; the chokeberry bush, liked for its decorative
fruit; broom, which grows in sandy places and blooms in June and
July, and witch hazel, a shrub that grows to 20 feet and has
spidery yellow flowers.

Forsythia is a welcome shrub because it needs little care; with
its drooping sprays of yellow flowers, it is useful for softening
the lines of walls.

Hibiscus blooms in August, a rarity, with flowers that are large
and purple, or rose-pink or white. It grows to 12 feet if
unpruned. Hydrangea, another shrub with large blossoms blooming
in July and August, is a showy bush, with big blue globe-shaped

Honeysuckle bushes are useful for mass planting. Some varieties
are especially enjoyable because they blossom in February and
March. Several spirea varieties are found to be useful as screen
plantings, particularly because of their dense growth and
abundant flowering. Anthony Waterer spirea is a 2-foot bush with
white or rose-pink clusters.

Bridal wreath has profuse white clusters in May. Spirea
Thunbergii also has white flowers, and Spirea Vanhouttei, 8 feet
high with dense white flowers, is used as a living fence.

Viburnum (the popular snowball) is 10 to 12 feet high at maturity
and is used for high foundation, screening and hedges. It has
white snowball-shaped flowers and foliage turns crimson in fall.

Weigela is popular, too, in many varieties, including the
variegated weigela, a dwarf shrub with rose flowers and
variegated silvery leaf. There is also Weigela rosea, with rosy
trumpet-shaped flowers, and the new brilliant cardinal shrub.

by Paul Curran

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