Majestic Rubber Mulch
Rubber Mulch for Landscaping

Majestic Rubber Mulch is a an ideal garden product because it is an economical and superior alternative to traditional wood mulch with many beneficial features:

Costs less over time for labor and material

Majestic Rubber Mulch does not break down and can be refreshed about every 8 to 10 years versus wood products, which require freshening once or twice a year.
Healthy environment for plantings

Inhibits mold and fungus growth
Excellent drainage. Majestic Rubber Mulch does not compress or flatten out, so water continues to get to plants.
Controls weed growth
Will not attract nesting insects

Unlike wood mulch, recycled rubber mulch does not offer an attractive nesting ground for insects.

Stays in place

Rubber is significantly heavier than wood, so it does not blow or wash away in heavy rain. Your landscape continues to look good over time.

Safe (nontoxic)

Majestic Rubber Mulch is softer than wood and is ADA compliant.


Majestic Rubber Mulch can be painted to resemble wood, or to a custom color. Our stock colors are: cocoa brown, black, and cedar red. (RMD) Mulch is guaranteed colorfast for 12 years. We use a licensed coloration process allowing us to achieve 100% coverage of the rubber particle.

Environmentally responsible

Majestic Rubber Mulch is made of 100% recycled tires, and its use conserves natural resources.
Majesticô Rubber Mulch is a product line of National Sales & Supply (NSS). The words that encompass our overall mission are:

Reuse and recycle for a safer and improved environment.

NSS has been producing and marketing sustainable products in the consumer and industrial marketplace since 2004. NSS creates innovative solutions that address essential environmental issues like recycling, land reclamation, waste disposal, and global warming.

Our corporate headquarters is in Bensalem, Pennsylvania. Because of our relationships with strategic partners across the United States, we have a network of manufacturing and shipping facilities located in California, Florida, and Kentucky. In 2009, there will be over 100 million pounds of recycled rubber tires processed from these locations going directly into consumer products. NSSís key products include rubber mulch and molded rubber products made from scrap tires for use in landscaping, playgrounds, and athletic fields. NSS has grown to establish key relationships with major retailers, as well as alliances with local and national manufacturers and distributors. NSSís products are made for homes, schools, governments, retailers and corporations, and even small businessesódomestic and international.

To learn more about NSS, visit our corporate website

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