List of Professional Hedge Layers By County UK
The following list is arranged by County but some Hedge Layers work over several
counties so please check adjacent counties for the Hedge Layer you require.
Where a Hedge Layer is shown as “ACCREDITED” the society has examined their
work, and that they have been accepted as craftsman of the highest skill. Each
accredited craftsman carries an Identity Card and or a Certificate of accreditation.
Styles of hedge laying are shown against the names as an indication only. We
encourage the use of traditional styles in the various regions, however not all styles
are suitable for every hedge. Sadly, no matter how highly skilled the craftsman, it is
impossible to make a good hedge from nothing.
To help you choose a suitable craftsman to meet your requirements we have also
included related tasks undertaken by each contractor.
We would also like to hear from you if you think any of our members have done and
exceptionally good job for you.
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