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WARNING! Vegetable Gardening Can Be Addictive And Will Improve Your Health.
When I drive through our neighbouring suburbs I wonder why so few people have a vegetable garden.

If only they knew how much pleasure and satisfaction there was to be gained from creating your own garden.

In this day and age of ever increasing costs there are substantial savings and health benefits to be had from “growing your own”.

The days of rushing to the supermarket when you want to rustle up a quick salad or coleslaw can now be a thing of the past. Has to be good for the environment as well as one’s stress level.

The motivation for this blog is to share my experiences, knowledge and insights with not only established gardeners but those who may be considering a garden for the first time.

Due to the current recession statistics show that worldwide ever increasing numbers of people are turning their hand to growing their own and rediscovering the past joys of vegetable gardening.

This trend has to be great news for the health of New Zealanders and the garden industry when so many others are struggling and losing ground. (no pun intended)

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