Introduction To Floriculture
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What is floriculture?
Floriculture is the cultivation of ornamental plants, i.e: Flowering plants, foliage plants, fruit bearing plants, etc. It generally covers florist crops handled by flowering shops , such as cut flowers, potted plants, bedding plants and others, It is generally divided into:
Commercial Floriculture:This covers ornamental plants produced for sale and includes cut flowers, potted plants, seed , seeding, and bulbs.
Amateur Gardening: This covers the cultivation of ornamental plants for the enjoyment of individuals and not for sales.
Amenity Horticulture: This covers the cultivation of ornamental plants or greenery in private home landscape, plazas, parks and other public places for the benefit of the family, the city dwellers and the corporate employees. Floriculture is and important agro-based , labour intensive and business-oriented industry in Nepal.

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