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Indaco Manufacturing is the environmental solution to the traditional plastic bag. Bag-To-Nature and Bio-Solo will help reduce the amount of valuable resources entering our landfills. Certified and Canadian made, our products will allow you to make a difference towards improving our global environment.

Indaco Manufacturing Ltd. (IML) has been producing environmentally responsible plastic bags since 1994. With concerns over global warming and the state of our environment, Bio-Solo (Oxo-degradable) and Bag-To-Nature (certified compostable) are an obvious solution.

Based in Scarborough, Ont. Indaco has invested years of research in the development of two brands, Bio-Solo and Bag-To-Nature, of finished products as well as our IML additive.

Bio-Solo and Bag-To-Nature bags and cart liners are available in a wide variety of sizes sold in retail and bulk quantities. Plastic film manufacturers wishing to produce environmentally friendly film can purchase IML additive in large quantities to blend for their own extrusion needs. As landfill issues continue to become a major concern to municipal governments, organic waste collection is gaining momentum as a logical way to reduce the amount of garbage entering dumpsites.

Bio-Solo and Bag-To-Nature bags eliminate the mess and odor associated with backyard composting and curbside organic waste collection.

Be part of the solution not the problem. Look for these products at your local retailer.

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