How To Plant Chives - Growing Chives In Your Garden
If there were an award for ìeasiest herb to growî, growing chives would win that award. Learning how to grow chives is so easy that even a child can do it, which makes this plant an excellent herb to help introduce children to herb gardening.
How to plant chives from divisions

Divisions are the most common way how to plant chives. In the early spring or mid fall, find an established clump of chives. Gently dig the clump up and pull away a smaller clump from the main clump. The smaller clump should have at least 5-10 bulbs in it. Transplant this small clump to the desired location in your garden where you will be growing chives.
How to plant chives from seeds

While chives are frequently grown from divisions, they are just as easy to start from seeds. Chive can be started indoors or outdoors. Plant chives seeds about 1/4 inch in the soil. Water well.

If you are planting them indoors, place them in a dark spot in temperatures 60F ñ 70F until they spout, then move them into the light. When the chives reach 6î tall, you can transplant them to the garden.

If you are planting the chive seeds outdoors, wait till after the last frost to plant the seeds. The seeds may take a little extra time to sprout until the soil warms up.
Where to grow chives

Chives will grow just about anywhere, but prefer strong light and rich soil. Chives also do not do as well in soil that is too wet or too dry.
Growing chives indoors

Growing chives indoors is also easy. Chives do very well indoors and will frequently be the herb that will do the best in your indoor herb garden. The best way how to grow chives indoors is to plant them in a pot that drains well, but is filled with a good potting soil. Place the chives where they will get bright light. Continue harvesting chives as you would if they were outdoors.
Harvesting chives

Harvesting chives is as easy as growing chives. Once the chives are about a foot tall, simply snip off what you need. When harvesting chives, you can cut the chive plant back to half the size it currently is without harming the plant.

If your chive plant starts to flower, the flowers are edible as well. Add the chive flowers to your salad or as decorations for soup.

Knowing how to grow chives is as easy as knowing how to chew bubble gum. Add these tasty herbs to your garden today.

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