Hollow Core Raised Beds
Only the hollow core frames can offer dual access. Strong, very light and extremily durable. You can either fill the frame with dirt and lift the cover for access or place the frame over pots/planted area and lift one end of the frame for easy access.

The first complete multi-season garden system designed for limited-space/limited-time gardeners. These growing systems evolve with the seasons from a mini-greenhouse (43 inchs inside height), to pest protected garden, to raised-bed planter, and finally to a season-extender in minutes! This system protects your plants from nature's unpredictable weather, temperature fluctuations, and hungry pests. To protect tender plants/foliage and maturing fruits from hungry rabbits, birds and deer, simply replace the green house cover with the optional Pest netting (1 inch openings). These growing systems are so versatile, you can elevate them, - just place on a suitable platform, put a landscape fabric lining inside the frame, and fill with a lightweight soil mix.

Rounded corners topped with decorative caps form a strong, durable structure without compromising looks. Thicker than "2 by" lumber, the recycled content plastic frame has three insulating air cells at work within the frame to moderate the soil's heat.

Features and Benefits

* All frames are extra deep (2 rails)
* Promotes faster root development
* Condensation doesn't drip on plants
* Prevents flooding
* Provides protection from wind/frost
* Maximum headroom for growth
* Withstands high winds and heavy snow
* Removable hoops for unlimited plant height
* Additional covers for pest control available
* Pre-drilled holes and push-in fasteners
* Heavy-duty vinyl
* No preservatives to leach into soil
* UV protected with Titanium Dioxide
* Maintenance-free design will not rot, fade or crack
* Open bottom for unlimited root depth
* Frames have a 25 year warranty and covers have a 2 year warranty

Double Rail 4x8 Raised Bed RBHC-482-F
Double Rail 4x8 Raised Bed

Double Rail 4x8 Raised Bed w/Cover RBHC-482-FC
Double Rail 4x8 Raised Bed w/Cover

Optional 4x8 Pest Netting RBHC-482-P
Optional 4x8 Pest Netting
Double Rail 4x6 Raised Bed RBHC-462-F
Double Rail 4x6 Raised Bed

Double Rail 4x6 Raised Bed w/Cover RBHC-462-FC
Double Rail 4x6 Raised Bed w/Cover

Optional 4x6 Pest Netting RBHC-462-P
Optional 4x6 Pest Netting
Double Rail 4x4 Raised Bed RBHC-442-F
Double Rail 4x4 Raised Bed

Double Rail 4x4 Raised Bed w/Cover RBHC-442-FC
Double Rail 4x4 Raised Bed w/Cover

Optional 4x4 Pest Netting RBHC-442-P
Optional 4x4 Pest Netting

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