Grow Unusual and Exotic Yucca Plants from Seeds
Our favorite list of Yucca Plant seeds from around the world.

Seed Packet #2070
Spanish Bayonet Yucca aloifolia
Spanish bayonet has an erect trunk, 3-5" in diameter, reaching up to 5-20' tall before it becomes top heavy and topples over. When that happens, the tip turns upward and keeps on growing. The trunk is armed with sharp pointed straplike leaves each about 2' long. The young leaves near the growing tip stand erect; older ones are reflexed downward, and the oldest wither and turn brown, hanging around the lower trunk like an Hawaiian skirt. Eventually the tip of the trunk develops a 2' long spike of white, purplish-tinged flowers, each blossom about 4" across. After flowering, the trunk stops growing, but one or more lateral buds are soon formed, and the uppermost becomes a new terminal shoot. Any other buds become branches, but these are usually few, and the plant has an open, airy habit. Spanish bayonet also produces new buds, or offshoots, near the base of the trunk, forming a thicket.
10 seeds per pack Price per pack: $3.95

Seed Packet #Z1494
Blue Yucca Yucca rigida
A beautiful xeriscape plant growing 10-15 ft. outside or can be container raised. Hardy to zone 6b and withstands partial shade. Wonderful spikes of white flowers in spring. Excellent for rock gardens as it has very low water requirements.
Very similar to Y. rostrata except with broader leaves and slightly hardier cold tolerance. Stunning blue leaves from a dense rosette to create a most wonderful specimen. Extremely rare in cultivation
10 seeds. Price per pack: $3.95

Seed Packet #Z1495
Red Yucca Hesperaloe parviflora
This wonderful desert plant attracts humming birds and butterflies, is deer resistant and works extremely well in xeriscapes.
This plant's tapering leaves grow from a central crown to produce a clumping effect. It goes well in a desert landscape with plants like agave, aloe, and yucca, which have similar form. Coral-pink flower spikes provide attractive color from spring to late summer. Tolerates drought and poor soil.
Hardy to zone 7.
10 seeds. Price per pack: $3.95

Seed Packet #2207
Cold Hardy Soft Leaf Yucca Yucca glauca
Hardy to zone 3. Height: 2 ft Spacing: 3 ft. Herbaceous evergreen perennial. These very hardy plants form a low cluster of long pointed leaves. During the growing season, a long stalk will grow and produce large numbers of white bell-shaped flowers. Once established it may be difficult to remove from the landscape. The plant may be useful for dry sites. Provide a sunny location with a well-drained soil. Tolerates hot conditions and poor soils.
15 seeds per pack Price per pack: $1.95

Seed Packet #2227
Our Lord’s Candle Yucca whipplei
Yucca whipplei is commonly known as Our Lord's Candle and named for its tall flower stalks that are creamy colored. The stiff narrow blue-green leaves make a perfectly symmetrical clump to 3' tall x 4' wide. The remarkable flowering event is rumored to take many years. When it's time for flowering, the plant produces a giant 10-12' tall flower spike that expands at more than 1' per day. When the flowers open, more than 500 white bell shaped flowers form on a huge multi-branched inflorescence, a most remarkable sight. Hardy zones 8-10.
15 seeds per pack Price per pack: $2.25

Seed Packet #2051
Adam's needle, bear grass, weak-leaf yucca Yucca filamentosa
Adam's needle looks a little like a small palm, but is actually more closely related to the lilies. The leaves of Adam's needle are strap-like, about an inch wide and up to 2 or 3' long. The leaves are basal; that is, they all originate from one point, taking the form of a rosette. The margins of the leaves are decorated with long curly threads or "filaments" that peel back as the leaf grows, eventually dropping off on older leaves. The inflorescence is very showy and borne on an erect spike up to 12' high. The individual flowers (up to several dozen) are white and about 2" long. The plant dies after flowering and fruiting, but produces lateral buds that start new plants around the edges of the original.
Light: prefers full sun, but will tolerate some light shade.
Moisture: average to dry soild - drought tolerant.
Hardiness: USDA Zones 6-10.
Use in mixed borders and natural areas. Excellent in rock gardens and as an accent among other perennials. Can be grown in outdoor container.
Price per pack of 15 seeds: $2.95

Seed Packet #2052
Joshua Tree Yucca brevifolia
A picturesque desert plant, typically with a single, short trunk and many heavy, wide spreading limbs reaching up to 40 feet tall outsied, but can be container raised for many years when young. Leaves are evergreen, stiff and dagger-like, numerous at the ends of branches, 6 to 12 inches long, sharp pointed tip, edges fine toothed, blue green.
Flowers are bell-shaped, 1 ½ inch long, creamy yellow green, occur at the ends of branches in upright 1 to 1 ½ foot long clusters, appearing in spring.
Fruits are light brown to reddish capsule, 2.5 to 5 inches long, 2 inches in diameter, 6 celled, initially fleshy, dries and falls soon after maturity in late spring.
Bark is light brown, initially covered with brown dead leaves, later irregularly scaly ridged and furrowed.
Price per pack of 15 seeds: $2.95

Seed Packet #2053
Spanish Bayonet Yucca faxoniana
Also know as Giant White, and Faxon Yucca. A massive growing, trunking yucca that can reach up to 20' in height, generally with a single trunk and un-branched. The bloom is 3 - 4' tall and 24-40" wide, held completely above the leaves. This variety is used on highways, in bird sanctuaries, and can be used in place of trees in any landscape. Very hardy, to 10 degrees.
Price per pack of 15 seeds: $2.95

Seed Packet #2054
Giant Mexican Desert Palm Yucca filifera
One of the largest and most popular Yuccas, this species from northeastern Mexico can reach a height of about 10 m (33 ft.) tall. The massive trunks are tall and solitary at first and start branching with age. The rigid leaves form a compact crown. It will tolerate light to moderate freezes and is best suited to warm temperate/subtropical areas.
Price per pack of 15 seeds: $2.95

Seed Packet #2055
Beaked Yucca Yucca rostrata
A remarkably beautiful Yucca that forms a large, spherical crown of blue-grayish green, narrow leaves, supported by a moderately tall, solitary trunk, clothed at least in its upper part in a dense skirt of dead leaves. Native to northern Mexico and western Texas, it is slow growing but very hardy to drought as well as severe cold.
Price per pack of 15 seeds: $2.95

D7853 Soaptree Yucca elata
A native of the US South West that will grow to 20 ft. with leaves 1" wide by three feet long. The flower stem can rise as much as 10 feet above the plant with flowers ranging from green to white with tinges of pink.
Package of 10 seeds $2.50

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