Graduate Certificate Conversion Course in Landscape Architecture
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Landscape Architecture

Landscape Architecture is an exciting, wide-ranging design profession. It combines design with a concern for our environment, to improve the quality of peoples' lives. Landscape Architects design gardens, parks, playgrounds, urban squares and nature reserves. They also work with other professions and local communities on large-scale environmental projects such as urban regeneration, rural conservation and the impact of new development in the landscape.

At Leeds, Landscape Architecture is studied as a creative design-based discipline, within a broad social and environmental context. We nurture individual creativity through a wide range of design-based studies, such as our award winning Design and Community Project. Exciting studio-based projects are combined with study visits in the UK and overseas. Students can also study with one of our partner universities in the EU and USA.

The Course

The Graduate Certificate Conversion Course is for students who have an honours degree or equivalent in a subject related to landscape architecture and intend to become Landscape Architects. This “conversion” course is also ideally suited to those considering a career change to become Landscape Architects. Overseas students can combine this Conversion Course with the PG Diploma/ MA Landscape Architecture to graduate with an MA after a total of 2 years full-time study.

Graduate Certificate students build upon their previous experience through a varied programme of project-based modules, which prepares them for entry to the PG Diploma / MA in Landscape Architecture. The Graduate Certificate together with the PG Diploma has full accreditation from the Landscape Institute, and prepares students for full membership.
The course may be studied full-time or part-time. Typically, full-time students take one year and part-time students two years to complete their Graduate Certificate. Part-time students normally attend one day each week.

Course Content

Urban Site Research & Analysis

This module focuses on researching and analysing the physical and perceptual qualities of a site, in an urban context, as a basis for a creative design response.

Small Scale Design & Resolution

Students utilise existing site research and analysis information to focus on design development and detailed resolution at a small scale within an urban context.

Design Expression 2

An introduction and investigation of the philosophy and practice of art in the landscape and the study of landscape and garden design as forms of art.

Landscape Character Assessment

This module explores the principles and practice of landscape character assessment and its significance for landscape design.

Rural Design

This design-based module explores many of the issues, including the role of trees and afforestation, associated with design in a sensitive rural environment before focusing on detailed resolution of a selected area.

Technical & Professional Contexts

This module explores key aspects of landscape architecture practice in a range of contexts. Knowledge and skills in the design and use of landscape materials, particularly plants, are developed.

Landscape Design Option

This double module is a student-centred design project. It provides an opportunity to experience and explore the full spectrum of landscape design from the development of a brief to a resolved site design.

Professional Body Exemptions

This course is accredited by the Landscape Institute. Successful completion of this course when combined with the Postgraduate Diploma in Landscape Architecture, fulfils requirements for Associate Membership of the Design Division of the Landscape Institute.


Successful completion of the Graduate Certificate enables students to join the Postgraduate Diploma / MA in Landscape Architecture.

Graduates of the Graduate Certificate Conversion Course may take a “Year-Out” in practice before returning to the Postgraduate Diploma / MA in Landscape Architecture.

Currently there are good employment prospects for landscape architects in the UK. Graduates from our courses are highly sought-after by design practitioners, with many of our graduates employed in key positions throughout the UK and overseas.

Graduates find rewarding work in private design consultancies, local government agencies and environmental organisations in the UK; some students find work in the EU and USA.

How to join the course

We welcome applications from a wide variety of graduates (2:2 minimum) or those with equivalent experience in landscape architecture related activities such as Architecture, Art, Civil Engineering, Countryside/Environmental Management, Design, Ecology, Geography, Graphic Design, Horticulture, Interior Design, Land Sciences, Town Planning, Urban Design etc.

All suitable qualified candidates will be invited to an informal interview. Overseas applicants are asked to send a selection of creative work and those applicants whose native tongue is not English will be required to demonstrate English language proficiency.

Open Days

If you are interested in our courses, come to one of our Open Days, which are intended for applicants and anyone just considering a course as a future possibility.
You will be able to find out more about the course, visit the facilities, meet staff and students and get answers to any questions you may have.

Open Days will be held on:
22 November 2006
13 December 2006
17 January 2007
14 February 2007
14 March 2007
9 May 2007
27 June 2007

Please book your place with the Course Administrator

The Open Days start at 10.00am in the Hepworth House, Civic Quarter.

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